Baa rarr rarrr

Never knew I had eczema. Or rather, it has never occur to me that I could actually get that. Went running on tues night and woke to find rashes on my face. Totally horrifying! Small bumps on chin. Which looked like i have got pimply skin! Yikes! It is caused by Rosacea. Well done. Running caused my skin to erupt with both eczema and rosacea. Seriously majorly mad upset.

Went off at lunch to see my doc. Gotta go on medication for a mth. Damn sucky. I’m pissy cos I’m going home now to zi bi. Not meeting the girls for shopping and food therapy anymore. With the pimply look alike skin, how am I gonna go out? Gosh! Kill me pls.

Anything with fries at Joo Chiat last night. Food’s not too shabby and reasonably priced. Try the one egg soup, it’s rather interesting. One plus point for going to Joo Chiat’s outlet is that u can drive over to parkway for koi! Awesome much :)) anything with fries + koi = fat. I’ve been eating so much lately that i think I’m growing sideways. Bad, very bad.

Packed weekend ahead. Dinner, concert, club, MBS, dinner again. Eczema and bumps, pls be nice and go away by tomorrow before my dinner pls..

*one egg soup – rather interesting. There is one fried egg that comes with the soup*

* Grilled pork chop with original shoestring fries – yummy! pork chop is tender and juicy. BBQ flavoured fries is rich in taste*

Breaded NZ King Salmon with straight cut fries in salt and vinegar! Quite yummy too. Salmon is fresh and not overly cooked.

The prices are rather reasonable as well. We had 1 soup each, 1 grilled pork chop, 1 breaded salmon, 1 coke float and 1 root beer float. Total bill comes up to only $48.

I didnt wanna take photos cos of the rash. ok, eczema to be exact. fml.

My skin is irritating the sh*t outta me. Its itchyyyy! kill me!


Blogging on the go!

Realize it’s been ages since I blogged… With the wordpress app in my iPhone, I hope I will pick up blogging again.

Packed (with fun of cos!) week starts from today all the way to Sunday! I hope I have enough time to catch up on my sleep..

Skins allergic to I dunno what. Bumps grew on my chin! And red bumps on my left cheek. They were saying I’m allergic to running! Wth. Pray tt it recovers by Friday!

2 weeks in bullets

  • Sbs full attendace @ Sushi Tei, Taka! Met june for the 1st time after she gave birth to luo bao! Young pretty mum! Fun with the girls, esp with mishie gg on and on about how this particular b*a could create wonders to your b**bs. haha!
  • Taste paradise with hy,ohp and qy! Super yummy foodie we had. Crab vermicelli, roasted meat, tofu, brocoli with crab roe. Major delishhh!!!
  • Met up with moons, bq, wq and friends for Dolly. Drink, drank but totally sober.
  • Lost my clutch, handphone, NRIC, cash etc 😦 I was damn sian but luckily all of them were there with me throughout; helped to search high and low for my clutch, telling me what to do, called this bank, that bank for me to cancel all my cards and keeping me calm, cracking jokes to make me smile, accompanying me to the police station to make police report. Mad love them!
  • Reunion with JC mates after 3 long years! Marche, old town coffee, movie and long drive home. Pegs will plan for paintball soon (I hope its not another 3 years wait!)
  • Received compliments that my skin improved! But I beg to differ. My skin’s not @ its prime right now. Prolly pegs have not seen me for too long.
  • Photoshoot for C8
  • Shopping date with partner!!!! Miss this partner of mine so much! From Ion to Tangs to fareast. Total damage = $200 on skincare products (neccessities ok!) Lol!
  • Tampopo with partner! YUMS!
  • Itacho Sushi! Delish!
  • Coloured my hair! Tho colour’s not obvious due to my previous 2 attempts to darken my hair. Now the colour cannot be lifted – but i’m still happy cos… i did my hair! haha!
  • Attended 2day course which got me reflecting on my own life – this really came at the right time.
  • Flea @ Scape Building – nice experience. Sold some stocks on hand and gained some publicity (hopefully!)
  • Friends popped by to say hi @ the flea! So happy! And i met my ex-tutee! She’s all grown up now!
  • Sushi tei-ed!
  • Drove from Hougang to Ubi and did perpendicular parking! Woohoooo! The conversation with uncle went like that:

Uncle: ‘ok, let you drive to Ubi today. U dare?’ Before i even reply, he replied himself ‘aiyah, i think u definitely dare lah’!

Me: *Majorly excited* Uncle, really ar? Of cos i dare lah! Yesss! Haha. Victory smile on my face.

Alrighty, time for bed. Yawns! Love the way you lie is still my favourite song for the week. On the loop again…and again!

Flea @ Scape Building

Going to flea tomm (14th Aug) @ Scape building, beside Cine from 12-8pm!!! Do swing by, say hi and purchase (HAHA) from us if you are in town!! Heard that there will be some YOG celebration going on at the same place. Hope that the crowd’s good 🙂

Love the way you lie

Had this song on the loop. Loving it! Megan Fox is smoking hot.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn….

I’ll be o.k.a.y. cos im a f.i.g.h.t.e.r. I’ll be stronger than ever 🙂

Dolly and Marche

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